"and light has no weight, but one is lifted by its flood" — Lawren Harris



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   No. 9 Lungwort part of the Long Walk Collective Online Show
ball THE LONELY SPRUCE screens at OIAF and Les sommets du cinema d'animation
ball HIGHBALL screens at Anitmatter October 2020
ball Ghosts of The Joe Henry now viewable on Available Light On Demand
ball 17 Days in May screens at Cineeco in Portugal, October 2019
ball POND screens at Bare Bones Film & Music Festival in Oklahoma, April 2019
ball NORTHXNORTH: The films of Dan Sokolowski at the Northwest Film Center, Portland Oregon, December 2018
ball POND to screen at 2018 Vox Popular Media Arts Festival in Thunder Bay, Canada.
ball EH TO ZED screens at Bare Bones Film & Music Festival in Oklahoma, CinéRail in Paris and at Music Malt in Bangalore, India.
ball DEGREES NORTH included in NORTHERN SCENES in Ottawa, May 2013.
ball Degrees North to screen at DOC NORTH, North Bay Ontario, August 17, 2012. Read the news! Also screens at Yellowknife International Film Festival!
See the Radio-Canada spot on SOK CINEMA, directed by Julie Plourde.
Read Animatin' in Adawe by Chris Robinson



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