Ëdhä Dädhëcha¸ | Moosehide Slide

2020, 4m 15s, 16mm

The Dawson City landslide is a dominant feature of Dawson City, Yukon’s city-scape.
It is a pre-historic rock-slope failure at the northern edge of town.
It is known by the local Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in as Ëdhä Dädhëcha¸ or Moosehide Slide.
This film examines the scientific reasons for the occurrence of the slide versus
the legend that the local Indigenous people say was the actual creation event.

Film & Animation
Dan Sokolowski

Angie Joseph-Rear
Jon Ostrander

Cud Eastboound

Edha Dadhecha | Moosehide Slide Best Experimental Film at On the Rocks, Italy, 2021

SciFilmIt, Bristol Scinece Film Festival, Scinema, On The Rocks,
Sydney Underground Film Festival, RIDM (Montreal) and Factual Animation