Ëdhä Dädhëcha¸ | Moosehide Slide

2020, 4m 15s, 16mm

The Dawson City landslide is a dominant feature of Dawson City, Yukon’s city-scape.
It is a pre-historic rock-slope failure at the northern edge of town.
It is known by the local Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in as Ëdhä Dädhëcha¸ or Moosehide Slide.
This film examines the scientific reasons for the occurrence of the slide versus
the legend that the local Indigenous people say was the actual creation event.


Film & Animation
Dan Sokolowski

Angie Joseph-Rear
Jon Ostrander

Cud Eastboound

Best Experimental Film at On the Rocks, Italy, 2021

Fisura Festival of Experimental Film, SciFilmIt, Bristol Scinece Film Festival, Scinema, Deep Cut Film Festival, On The Rocks,
Sydney Underground Film Festival, RIDM (Montreal)
Yellowknife Intrenational Film Festival, and Factual Animation Festival