A feature documentary shot south to north across the latitudes of Canada.

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Beginning at Pelee Island (42 degrees north)
and finishing at the Arctic Circle (66 degrees north),
DEGREES NORTH is a journey of discovery, space, and time.

Using light, colour and composition, DEGREES NORTH
is an alchemistic blend of live action landscape photography, animation, and music.

Filmed on 10 Individual trips covering over 50,000 kilometres.

Intial shoot, August 1997, Badlands, Alberta

Final shoot, December 2011, Dawson City, Yukon

Filmed entirely in 16mm

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A 3 channel installtion

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65 minutes, 16mm,
Directed by
Dan Sokolowski

Featuring music by
Peter Togni
Rebecca Campbell
Ian Tamblyn


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LATITUDE pronunciation:"la-ti- tüd"

1: archaic: extent or distance from side to side ; WIDTH

2. angular distance from some specified circle or plane of reference: as a: angular distance north or south from the earth's equator measured through 90 degrees. b: angular disatnce of a celestial body from the eliptic. c: a region or locality as marked by its latitude

3: a: archaic: Scope, range. b: the range of exposures within which a film or plate wil produce a negatitive or positive of satisfactory quality

4: freedom of action or choice

Thanks to the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture for inviting Dan to be an artist in residence in where the final live action scenes were shot. Also thanks to the Canada Council Travel Grants Program.

Thanks to the Yukon Film and Sound Commission Filmmakers Fund and the Yukon Advanced Artists Fund.

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