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In the first decade of the 20th century, the Grand Trunk Railway constructed a more northern tra

nscontinental railway across Canada.They named each siding along the line in alphabetical order east-to-west between Manitoba and Alberta. No one one knows who was responsible for this.

93 stations were named in the scheme, completing at least five rounds of the alphabet.
This became known as “The Alphabet Railway”.

The railway, a symbol of the modern, industrial age, was a key component in forging artificial political boundaries across geographical landscapes. The imposition of this alphabetical structure emphasized man's attempt at “mastery” over nature.

EH TO ZEDillustrates the effects of nature and time on man-made objects across a landscape.
55 of these railstops and sidings were located and recorded on digital image, HD video and black and white hand processed 16mm film.

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Short version (6m30s)
Long version (11m)

Release date: 2013

16mm and HD
Featuring original music by Three Chords and the Truth

EH to ZED Slide Show

EH TO ZED Installation at
CONFLENCE GALLERY, Dawson City, Yukon, July 2013.


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